To lubricate something is to make it easier to move or to stay moving. When you lubricate a machine, you make sure that the moving parts are oiled so that they can operate more smoothly.

  • The lubricant made the gears lubricated and the machine worked more smoothly.

  • The lubricant made the moving parts of the machine slippery, so it was easier to move them.

Definition of lubricate


apply a lubricant to




have lubricating properties


make slippery or smooth through the application of a lubricant

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Example Sentences for lubricate

  • 1

    Oil in the fork is purely for lubrication.

  • 2

    The compressor is full of lubricating oil.

  • 3

    An oil sump at the bottom of the capsule is provided for lubricating oil.

  • 4

    Lubrication oil is supplied to the bearings through the oil port.

  • 5

    Escaping oil lubricates and seals the vanes and also lubricate the rotor shaft.

  • 6

    This is done by deposition of the additive on the lubricated surface.

  • 7

    This oil seems to have too much lubricity.

  • 8

    The lower end of the spindle extends into a reservoir of fluid lubricant.

  • 9

    Engine lubrication was by manually adding oil to the fuel in the tank.

  • 10

    A lubrication oil is supplied to the sliding parts in the crank chamber.