A logician is someone who specializes in logic. They use logic to figure out how things work and to make decisions.

  • The logician argued that the treaty was a bad idea because it would cause too many problems.

  • The logician argued that the treaty would be a good idea because it would prevent war.

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    That is the way all logicians work.

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    The link is going to a photographer, not the logician.

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    The existence of an interpretation means something to a logician.

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    Keisler happened to be a logician who was part of the experiment.

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    Nobody thinks that logicians 'assert' the chalk on the board.

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    She is the daughter of the philosopher and logician Timothy Smiley.

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    He was the father of John Venn the logician and philosopher.

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    Mally was the first ever logician to attempt an axiomatisation of ethics.

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    He is named after the famous Greek Geometer and Logician.

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    The theorem was proven by Karl Menger, the next deontic logician.