To littered is to scatter something all over the place. When you littered your room with clothes, you scattered them all over the floor.

  • She littered the room with clothes when she got home from work.

  • The street was littered with broken glass after the storm.

Definition of littered


filled or scattered with a disorderly accumulation of objects or rubbish



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Example Sentences for littered

  • 1

    Ten secondary schools are involved in the effort to reduce litter and recycle more waste.

  • 2

    People throw litters on the street.

  • 3

    Litter can be vandalism, carelessness, or inadvertence.

  • 4

    It builds nests in tree hollows or litter of epiphyte.

  • 5

    Leaf litter and death of herbs add humus to the soil.

  • 6

    The cheaper the litter, the more you have to clean the box.

  • 7

    The snail was found on the ground on the leaf litter under rainforest.

  • 8

    They can be litter box trained and are quite fastidious groomers.

  • 9

    Add enough cat litter to the paint to absorb all of the liquid.

  • 10

    Make sure the cat litter is mixed down to the bottom of the can.