When someone is limping, they are walking with a slight limp. This is usually because they are injured or they are tired.

  • He was limping badly after playing in the rain all day.

  • She was limping because she had been running all morning.

Definition of limping


disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet


claudication, gameness, gimp, gimpiness, lameness

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Example Sentences for limping

  • 1

    He saved the leg but acquired a limp.

  • 2

    The balloon of the white bottle will remain limp.

  • 3

    Saute until onions are limp, stirring constantly.

  • 4

    He had a noticeable limp on the day of the crash.

  • 5

    A large pancake made with seafood and scallions was limp.

  • 6

    Seconds after limping out of the wreck, the car exploded.

  • 7

    That's not going to happen as long as the global economy limps along.

  • 8

    He had a slight limp from a muscle twinge.

  • 9

    Shortly afterwards, he was seen limping, and grimacing, at a summit in Vladivostok.

  • 10

    Some people had head wounds, others were limping.