To say that something is lifesaving is to say that it is important for someone's safety. A lifesaving operation is a surgery that is done to save a person's life.

  • The surgery was a lifesaving operation, and the patient is now recovering in the hospital.

  • The lifesaving operation was a success, and the patient is now recovering in the hospital.

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Example Sentences for lifesaving

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    He is a lifesaver in that context.

  • 2

    The lifesaver bashing is a separate event.

  • 3

    One lifesaver was seriously injured by the mob.

  • 4

    It is a such an easy and inexpensive lifesaver to have around.

  • 5

    The Wikipedia is a lifesaver for finding information on such topics.

  • 6

    The Lifesaver bottle is a portable water purification device.

  • 7

    It takes a lot of precautions for use, but for some patients, it's a lifesaver.

  • 8

    Lifesaving is the act involving rescue, resuscitation and first aid.

  • 9

    Some of you look at the market as a lifesaver for your economies.

  • 10

    The Combat Lifesaver can augment the Combat Medic, as needed.