The lifeblood of a society or community is the blood that flows through it. It is the force that keeps it functioning, and it is essential for the survival of the group.

  • The lifeblood of the community is the shop owner.

  • The lifeblood of the society is the government.

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    It is the tool of my trade, the ethereal lifeblood of my mind.

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    That's the lifeblood ofWikipedia.

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    They are the lifeblood of the project.

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    They are the lifeblood ofWikipedia.

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    Articles are the lifeblood of this site.

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    Redirects are the lifeblood of the encyclopedia.

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    POV is the lifeblood of this project.

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    Tourism is the lifeblood of the village.

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    Dynamic accents are the lifeblood of the sweep.

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    Hollywood's lifeblood was the movie cliche.