To lengthen something is to make it longer or more extensive. You can lengthen an event by adding more time to it, or you can lengthen a sentence by adding more words.

  • The film was only 20 minutes long, but the director wanted it to be longer.

  • The sentence is too short, I need to add more words to make it more like a essay.

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Example Sentences for lengthening

  • 1

    Lengthen the sections on the other dynasties.

  • 2

    The lingering finish of a wine will lengthen.

  • 3

    The northern end of the platform was lengthened in 2000.

  • 4

    The other option in changing the workday is to lengthen it.

  • 5

    The tower was rebuilt and the span lengthened in course.

  • 6

    Sleeping early is believed to help lengthen their height.

  • 7

    The goal is to lengthen the time between periods of urination.

  • 8

    The shape of the dress helps to lengthen the body's appearance.

  • 9

    Above and beyond that is the issues of the quotes, which lengthen the article.

  • 10

    After moving the ball into recess, the stroke of the pipe is lengthened.