To legalize something is to make it legal. This can be done in the form of a law, a rule, or a decree.

  • The government is legalizing the use of marijuana.

  • The company is legalizing the use of their new software.

Definition of legalizing


To make legal or permit under law. Either by decriminalising something that has been illegal or by specifically permitting it.

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Example Sentences for legalizing

  • 1

    The legal annalist will have some legal background.

  • 2

    It opposed the legalization of drugs.

  • 3

    Legal licenses are not revocable.

  • 4

    Legality is at the heart of the definition.

  • 5

    Prostitution in this country is legal.

  • 6

    Support the legalization of marijuana.

  • 7

    The other is the legal structure.

  • 8

    The party was legalized in spring.

  • 9

    This is about the legality of the ban.

  • 10

    Another question is the legality of the operations.