When something is legalized, it is made legal by law. This means that it is no longer illegal to do or have it.

  • The drug is still illegal, but the government has legalized the use of it.

  • The law legalizing samesex marriage was passed in 2015.

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    How about advocate for the legalization of it

  • 2

    The episode seems to advocate the legalization of marijuana.

  • 3

    The publication strongly advocates the legalization of cannabis.

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    The legal annalist will have some legal background.

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    It opposed the legalization of drugs.

  • 6

    Legal licenses are not revocable.

  • 7

    Legality is at the heart of the definition.

  • 8

    Prostitution in this country is legal.

  • 9

    Support the legalization of marijuana.

  • 10

    The other is the legal structure.