Leftovers are food that is not eaten all at once, but instead is saved for later. Typically, leftovers are food that is not very appetizing or that is not very fit for human consumption.

  • She decided to save the leftovers for later because she wasn't sure if she would be able to eat them.

  • The restaurant gave away the leftovers after the meal was over.

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Example Sentences for leftovers

  • 1

    The strawberry crab is an omnivore, eating algae and leftover food bits.

  • 2

    Leftovers are free for the taking.

  • 3

    The others will be allowed to dine on the leftovers.

  • 4

    Leftover blubber was used as fuel for the fires.

  • 5

    Mom threw away the putrescent leftovers.

  • 6

    The 16 leftover cards act as the reserve.

  • 7

    She knows how to handle putrescent leftovers.

  • 8

    The deletion of the pages themselves is simply leftover cleanup.

  • 9

    The game continues with the leftover stones still in play.

  • 10

    Any undealt leftover cards are given to the winner of the bid.