A ledger is a book or table that is used to track the finances of a business or organization. It is usually divided into different sections, including the balance sheet, the income and expenses, and the cash flow.

  • The ledger was full of mistakes, because the accountant was not properly tracking the finances.

  • The accountant is going to have to make a lot of changes to the ledger, because it's not reflecting the actual state of the company's finances.

Definition of ledger


a record in which commercial accounts are recorded


account book, book, book of account, leger


an accounting journal as a physical object



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Example Sentences for ledger

  • 1

    The ledger for that is not the sourcing, but the truth.

  • 2

    He entered an item in a ledger.

  • 3

    Accounts receivable departments use the sales ledger.

  • 4

    The general ledger is where posting to the accounts occurs.

  • 5

    The night audit itself is an audit of the guest ledger.

  • 6

    Pointedly, the first items on the ledger are cuts to the legislative branch.

  • 7

    Still, the dynamics are the same on both sides of the ledger sheet.

  • 8

    Accounts receivable is a ledger in its own self contained way.

  • 9

    Scotland Yard begins investigating the corrupt officers named in the ledger.

  • 10

    His grandfather was a ledger artist, medicine man, and bundle keeper.