A leaky roof is one that is not able to hold up the weight of the rain that falls on it. This can lead to water flooding into the house, and it can also damage the wood floors and walls.

  • The roof is leaking, and the water is flooding into the house.

  • The roof is not leaking, but the water is seeping through the cracks.

Definition of leaky


prone to communicate confidential information


blabbermouthed, talebearing, tattling


permitting the unwanted passage of fluids or gases


used informally; unable to retain urine

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Example Sentences for leaky

  • 1

    Leaky modes correspond to leaky rays in the terminology of geometric optics.

  • 2

    The implementation is leaky, not the abstraction.

  • 3

    Is the leaky dam in danger of breaking

  • 4

    The building had a leaky ceiling.

  • 5

    The fundamental failure was caused by the leaky roof.

  • 6

    If the part is leaky, helium will be able to penetrate the device.

  • 7

    The cause of the explosion was a leaky and poorly repaired steam boiler.

  • 8

    Because the jug was leaky they would forever try to fill the tub.

  • 9

    Because the jug was leaky, they would forever try to fill the tub.

  • 10

    Mr. Leaky confronts the team with insurance lawyers to assess the damage.