Lazuli is a type of mineral that is used to make blue dye. It is also sometimes used as a pigment.

  • The statue was made out of Lazuli, which is why it is so beautiful.

  • The dye in the fabric is made out of Lazuli, which is why it is so blue.

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    It is usually massive and forms the bulk of the gemstone lapis lazuli.

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    The precious stone lapis lazuli.

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    The color lapis lazuli is displayed at right.

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    Try lapis lazuli or the sea instead.

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    Fortuna is the dragon of the lapis lazuli and the third to be awoken.

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    It is often confused with lazurite, lapis lazuli or azurite.

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    Her earrings are two large hunks of lapis lazuli.

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    Hours into the day, the Lazuli appear and attempt to retake the burrow.

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    After a short fight, the Lazuli are forced to retreat again.

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    The ciborium in the apse is made from alabaster and lapis lazuli.