To lavish something is to give it a lot of attention and care. If you lavish your love on someone, you show them a lot of care and affection.

  • She lavished her love on him, showering him with compliments and gifts.

  • The hotel lavished the guests with all sorts of freebies.

Definition of lavishly


in a wasteful manner




in a rich and lavish manner


extravagantly, richly

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Example Sentences for lavishly

  • 1

    The daughter is welcomed and treated lavishly.

  • 2

    They thought it is not wise to disburse lavishly.

  • 3

    It is a decorated lavishly in the Art Nouveau style.

  • 4

    The first letters are lavishly decorated and painted.

  • 5

    The importers shared lavishly and with munificent grace.

  • 6

    At its height the ballroom was lavishly decorated and furnished.

  • 7

    In contrast to the simple exterior, the interior is lavishly ornamented.

  • 8

    The book is both splendidly written and lavishly illustrated.

  • 9

    The methods to accomplish this are standard fair and used lavishly.

  • 10

    The mosque is lavishly decorated with polychrome marble and stones.