Lateralization is the process of moving some of the brain's functions to other parts of the brain. This can happen when a traumatic event affects the brain in a particular way.

  • Lateralization is often seen in people who have experienced a traumatic event.

  • Lateralization is also seen in people who are mentally ill.

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Example Sentences for lateralization

  • 1

    They later decamped.

  • 2

    Later, it was the terminus of the trams.

  • 3

    The plat was later revised.

  • 4

    The platform is then shifted laterally.

  • 5

    It was later covered by The Mutton Birds.

  • 6

    Later development of the machine stagnated.

  • 7

    Later in the article, this is expressly denied.

  • 8

    Later in the video a boy is rustling.

  • 9

    Later, the kids return to the playground.

  • 10

    Later, the team soaks in the sauna.