When something is latched, it is locked into place. This can be done in a number of ways, including with a lock or a lock on a door.

  • The door was latched from the inside, so nobody could enter.

  • The book was latched shut with a lock.

Definition of latched


To close or lock as if with a latch.


To catch; lay hold of.


To smear; to anoint.

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Example Sentences for latched

  • 1

    The guard flange is located between the latch bolt and the outside of the door.

  • 2

    The latch continues to provide the enabling signal until the latch is reset.

  • 3

    The latch is manually releasable by the passenger.

  • 4

    I remember the sound of the latch sliding.

  • 5

    The pan is then secured by a latch on the exterior of the wall.

  • 6

    Actuation of the latch secures the ink fountain to the roller.

  • 7

    The boss is located on the spindle side closest to the latch.

  • 8

    The contents of the latch are clocked into memory by the recording clock.

  • 9

    The latch is then advanced to the work station, and engages the pallet.

  • 10

    A radial tongue of the latch cooperatively engages a striker mechanism.