Languorous means lazy and unproductive. The word can be used to describe anything from a person who is sitting around doing nothing to a river that is moving very slowly.

  • The river was languorous and sluggish.

  • The person was languorous and inactive.

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Example Sentences for languorous

  • 1

    That's why it's languorous.

  • 2

    Moyers' documentaries are languorous, even soporific.

  • 3

    Please turn off that languorous music.

  • 4

    The stateman's speech was not professional, rather it was languorous.

  • 5

    A secret languor was taking hold of my body.

  • 6

    The percussion use the cadence of a languorous belly dance.

  • 7

    The professor's class always has been languorous.

  • 8

    Yet there would be benefits tied up in this languor.

  • 9

    About three o'clock, I was attacked by an overpowering languor.

  • 10

    It is threatened, from its very conception, with languor and coldness.