To lair is to live in or near a place where you can hide or retreat. Animals that live in lairs often have a lot of protection from the weather.

  • The dragon has a lair deep in the forest.

  • The robbers used to lair in the abandoned warehouse.

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Example Sentences for lair

  • 1

    The lair was quiet as the finale opened.

  • 2

    They use olfaction to find the lair of a tarantula.

  • 3

    Anna journeys to and then through Verea into the lair of the demons.

  • 4

    As they speak, Acacia ensnared the townsfolk to her lair.

  • 5

    Lee introduces the heroes and brings them to the lair.

  • 6

    Gary proceeds to infiltrate the lair and frees the team.

  • 7

    They break in to the lair and try to get their animals back.

  • 8

    Gunn investigates the demon lair and finds the grotesque demon.

  • 9

    The decision to build the wolf's lair was made in the autumn of 1940.

  • 10

    In it, Bugs Bunny is lured to the lair of a mad scientist as food for Gossamer.