To kneel is to bend down or to sit down on the ground with your knees bent. When you kneel, you are usually praying or worshipping.

  • He knelt down to pray.

  • She knelt down to tie her shoe.

Definition of knelt


To rest on one's bent knees, sometimes only one; to move to such a position.


To cause to kneel.


To rest on (one's) knees

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Example Sentences for knelt

  • 1

    At the end the Christians kneel and pray.

  • 2

    At the end, the Christians kneel and pray.

  • 3

    All the people kneel and worship the infant.

  • 4

    They approach in the nude and kneel before the trees.

  • 5

    They kneel in repentant prayer, then mount the scaffold.

  • 6

    Kneel as you thrust the tip of the sword forward.

  • 7

    Kneeling next to the man, the boy looks solemn.

  • 8

    The Priest then opens the veil and kneels at the High Altar.

  • 9

    At the centre, the Three Kings stand and kneel before the child.

  • 10

    Kneeling in the act of eating and drinking at the Lords table is a sinne.