To kink something is to make it twisted or crooked. Sometimes when something is kinked, it can't be straightened out.

  • The rope was twisted around the tree so tightly that it kinked the tree trunk.

  • The rug was kinked when it was pulled out of the box.

Definition of kinked


To laugh loudly.


To gasp for breath as in a severe fit of coughing.


To form a kink or twist.


To be formed into a kink or twist.


Bent or twisted into a tight curl.

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Example Sentences for kinked

  • 1

    The new curve has thus a horizontal first branch and a kink at the point.

  • 2

    Don't be shy in hammering out the kinks

  • 3

    The channel is formed to preclude kinking of the tube.

  • 4

    I'll be working out the kinks over the weeks.

  • 5

    Sunspots are kinks or knots in the sun's magnetic field.

  • 6

    Why the large dog's leg kink in the fence

  • 7

    At the moment there are lots of pretty pictures that don't kink to the text.

  • 8

    Of course, such kinks are not unusual for a huge municipal construction project.

  • 9

    If they get the kinks worked out, will the make the site vanish

  • 10

    The bill is too long for intermediate, and the neck kink is distinctive.