To kindle something is to start it burning. When you kindle a fire, you get it going by adding wood or other materials.

  • The fire was kindled when they threw a match into the pile of wood.

  • The fire was kindled by the sun shining on the logs.

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Example Sentences for kindled

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    The tinder is lit, and the kindling is allowed to catch fire.

  • 2

    A small fire consisting of tinder is then used to ignite kindling.

  • 3

    Severe heat and drought have kindled forest fires.

  • 4

    The priests kindled the lights in the sanctuary.

  • 5

    Fires were kindled, pitch melted, oakum, and all things necessary, were found in my stores.

  • 6

    Some kindled fires, others collected wood, and the strongest hunted the cattle, while the invalids slew, and skinned, and flayed.

  • 7

    Kindling is an important term in the study of epilepsy.

  • 8

    Foxconn is also the manufacturer of the Amazon Kindle.

  • 9

    Its also arguable that the kindle is usable outside the US.

  • 10

    The case kindled fear within France's Jewish community.