When something is out of kilter, it's not in the right place or it's not working properly. Things can be out of kilter because of the way that they are positioned or the way that they are built.

  • The picture was out of kilter because the frame was crooked.

  • The car was out of kilter because the wheel was gone.

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Example Sentences for kilter

  • 1

    Something seems to be out of kilter there.

  • 2

    Either the ip or sysop is out of kilter.

  • 3

    It looks very slightly off kilter.

  • 4

    Anyway, sorry for the off kilter comments.

  • 5

    The neutrality of this article is way off kilter.

  • 6

    The present guideline is totally out of kilter.

  • 7

    This seemed really biased and off kilter.

  • 8

    This seems out of kilter with the opening sentence.