Keratin is a type of protein that is found in the skin and hair. It helps to make the skin and hair hard and strong.

  • Keratin is responsible for the skin's resistance to water and the hair's ability to hold water.

Definition of keratin


a fibrous scleroprotein that occurs in the outer layer of the skin and in horny tissues such as hair, feathers, nails, and hooves



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Example Sentences for keratin

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    Keratin 1 is a member of the keratin family.

  • 2

    Keratin 7 is a member of the keratin family.

  • 3

    Hair keratin is a type of keratin found in hair and nails.

  • 4

    The rattle is composed of keratin.

  • 5

    Hair is made of keratin protein.

  • 6

    Hair shafts and keratin are lost.

  • 7

    Spines are often formed of keratin.

  • 8

    Keratinization begins in the stratum spinosum.

  • 9

    The majority of the skin on the body is keratinized.

  • 10

    The structure of feather rachis keratin.