To juxtapose something is to put it together in a way that is different from what is usually done. When you juxtapose a picture with a sentence, you are creating a contrast.

  • The photo was juxtaposed with a sentence about the dangers of smoking.

  • The sentence was juxtaposed with a picture of a person smoking a cigarette.

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Example Sentences for juxtaposed

  • 1

    The type rings are also juxtaposed.

  • 2

    In these texts the practices are juxtaposed and critically discussed.

  • 3

    The designer juxtaposed the water bottle and the cigarette.

  • 4

    Same looking watches are juxtaposed in the show window.

  • 5

    So, my approach was to juxtapose the myth and the archaeology.

  • 6

    Someone should juxtapose a picture of a condom with that of the eraser.

  • 7

    Someone should juxtapose a picture of an animal with that of the eraser.

  • 8

    The article seems to juxtapose Hiloni next to Haredi.

  • 9

    My mother juxtaposed the table and the vase in the living room.

  • 10

    Perhaps the image juxtaposed with the text is too provocative also.