Justifiable means that something is allowed or acceptable under the circumstances. murder is always unjustifiable, no matter what the circumstances might be.

  • The death of the hostage was justifiable under the circumstances.

  • The school decided that the punishment for cheating was justifiable under the circumstances.

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Example Sentences for justifiable

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    I described the justifiable reason in the edit summary.

  • 2

    I added the reasons why I believe the article is justifiable.

  • 3

    The justifiable reason for prices is to rank the various things being compared.

  • 4

    The link I added justified one reason why it's the great imitator.

  • 5

    How was the reversion justifiable

  • 6

    The action was quite justifiable.

  • 7

    The scene justifies the technique.

  • 8

    Is this sort of addition to the page justifiable

  • 9

    Please justify the inclusion of the template.

  • 10

    Document the proposal and justify the selection.