Jostling is a type of physical interaction that is usually used to move people or objects. It involves pushing and shoving, and it can often be very dangerous.

  • The protesters were jostling for position to get closer to the President.

  • The students were jostling for position to get a better seat.

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Example Sentences for jostling

  • 1

    They nudge, jostle, and even bite for food.

  • 2

    Minor collisions are common as the abras jostle for space.

  • 3

    Now it doesn't jostle with your user link.

  • 4

    He says we jostle at the same trough.

  • 5

    Once inside the knapsack, the occupants will feel no movement or jostling.

  • 6

    The barrell isn't as heavy and would definitely jostle the action.

  • 7

    People will jostle and elbow each other to have their points included.

  • 8

    I believe that all of us together, in the jostle, can create.

  • 9

    It was very hard for me to even jostle the rounds in a half full magazine.

  • 10

    I'm unaware of any practice that allows the day and year numerals to jostle.