To jiggle something is to move it around a lot, to make it move back and forth or side to side. When you're trying to shake a bottle of soda, you're jiggling it around.

  • The dancers were shaking their bodies to the music, jiggling their hips.

  • The bottle of soda was shaking, because the soda was in a large container and the container was shaking.

Definition of jiggle


a slight irregular shaking motion




move to and fro


joggle, wiggle

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Example Sentences for jiggle

  • 1

    Maybe that will jiggle my memory.

  • 2

    A little wiggle and a little jiggle.

  • 3

    He is a doll who likes to jiggle.

  • 4

    It is scrapping the bottom and to jiggle the numbers is not good.

  • 5

    I'd also like to jiggle the items on the list.

  • 6

    It's required a jiggle around of the information, but it is basically the same.

  • 7

    Suppose that I take charge Q and jiggle it around.

  • 8

    Jiggle is known for its affinity for improvisation and harmonic lyrics.

  • 9

    A bit clumsily phrased, shall try to jiggle it about a bit.

  • 10

    The vines always jiggle, which easily unnerves its foes.