The jejunum is the lower part of the small intestine. It connects the stomach to the small intestine.

  • The jejunum is responsible for breaking down food into smaller pieces so that it can be absorbed into the body.

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    They are mainly located in the jejunum.

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    Differences between jejunum and ileum.

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    It is located between the stomach and the jejunum.

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    This page needs the function of the jejunum.

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    Foreign bodies in the jejunum are removed by enterotomy.

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    Jejunostomy refers to an artificial opening into the jejunum.

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    The jejunum lies between the duodenum and the ileum.

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    There is no line of demarcation between the jejunum and the ileum.

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    If the jejunum is impacted by blunt force the emesis reflex will be initiated.

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    It involves a side to side anastomosis of the pancreatic duct and the jejunum.