Jeered is to laugh scornfully at someone. When the crowd jeered at the politician, they were laughing at her and her ideas.

  • The crowd jeered at the candidate, ridiculing her every word.

  • The crowd jeered as the comedian performed.

Definition of jeered


(jeer at) To utter sarcastic or mocking comments; to speak with mockery or derision; to use taunting language.

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Example Sentences for jeered

  • 1

    The audience jeers and boos to the performance.

  • 2

    Crowds continued jeering at him.

  • 3

    The Jews mock and jeer at oaths.

  • 4

    The people mock and jeer Jesus.

  • 5

    The Lynch twins jeer at them from a distance.

  • 6

    When his spoof is revealed, the rats jeer and leave.

  • 7

    He saw the hideous crowd jeering in the face of the powerful statue.

  • 8

    He walks defiantly through the crowd as they taunt and jeer at him.

  • 9

    He continued to jeer and then engage in personal slurs and snide remarks.

  • 10

    It fuels drama by providing a large crowd to leer and jeer at the daily drama.