Jaggery is a type of sugar made from sugar cane. It is often used in India to make sweet treats like pakoras and bhajis.

  • The shop sells jaggery and other Indian sweets.

  • The cake was very sweet, with a jaggery flavor.

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    It is served with grated coconut and jaggery, or, unrefined block sugar.

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    Jaggery is heated to liquefy and then poured in the heap of fried sesame seeds.

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    A lot of time is spent in hammering the dough made from sesame and jaggery.

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    In sugarcane farms, there are small jaggery factories that manufacture jaggery.

  • 5

    The porridge is accompanied with Jaggery for sweetness.

  • 6

    Jaggery may be replaced with granulated sugar.

  • 7

    It is the source of kithul treacle, a liquid jaggery.

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    Sei is a pudding made with flour, curd and jaggery.

  • 9

    Rapadura seems to be just the Brazilian name of jaggery.

  • 10

    A traditional breakfast consists of chira with yogurt and jaggery.