To iterate is to do something over and over again. You might iterate over a problem to try to find a solution, or you might iterate over a recipe to make sure that it's perfect.

  • The development team iterated over and over again on the design of the software.

  • The cook iterated over and over again to make sure that the recipe was perfect.

Definition of iterate


to say, state, or perform again


ingeminate, reiterate, repeat, restate, retell


run or be performed again

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Example Sentences for iterate

  • 1

    It was an anomaly of the first iteration of the internet.

  • 2

    I iterate that the topic of the page is months.

  • 3

    I iterate, the newspaper is the ultimate source.

  • 4

    Then we iterate over the sorted list.

  • 5

    They simply iterate the plot of the episode they were in.

  • 6

    All the lists in that set iterate material in the class.

  • 7

    It can be also derived as an approximative Newton iteration.

  • 8

    I iterate that these were scurrilous inclusions to the text.

  • 9

    The prior iteration of the post only focused on the former.

  • 10

    To iterate, the most fundamental thing is the text itself.