Irrationality is the opposite of rationality. Irrationality is when you act in a way that is not based on reason or logic.

  • She was behaving in an irrational way, and she was getting in trouble for it.

  • The decision to go to war was based on irrational reasons.

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Example Sentences for irrationality

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    The removal of the image was irrational.

  • 2

    Pogonophobia is the irrational phobia of beards.

  • 3

    In The temple, it is irrational for the lady to keep the skeleton.

  • 4

    The better the arguments, the more irrational they become.

  • 5

    They base this on the observed fact of the irrational voter.

  • 6

    In times of insecurity, of worldwide menace, the irrational booms.

  • 7

    Firstly, that the people in the group are all irrational lunatics.

  • 8

    The stranger to the costumes of cities is just and irrational and unsocial.

  • 9

    Thus, science moves from the rational to the irrational.

  • 10

    As seen in the video, the response is clearly highly emotional and irrational.