Inwards means that something is directed or focused towards the inside. When you say that someone is looking inwards, you are referring to their behavior and not their actual appearance.

  • The inward gaze of the artist is focused on the beauty of the world.

  • The inward gaze of the politician is focused on the people of their country.

Definition of inwards


to or toward the inside of


in, inward


toward the center or interior



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Example Sentences for inwards

  • 1

    It is symbolic of the inward cleansing of the sin.

  • 2

    He was absorbed in the inward bliss of the Atma.

  • 3

    The cartridge is inserted with the label facing inward.

  • 4

    I start at the ends of the branches and work inward.

  • 5

    I think the inward links tell the story.

  • 6

    I detest the notion of the inward looking group.

  • 7

    The acceleration is directed inward, toward the axis of rotation.

  • 8

    The contrivance consists of an outward cylinder and an inward cylinder.

  • 9

    The force is directed inward, toward the center of the circle.

  • 10

    The gravity term is the inward acting centripetal force.