When something is invulnerable, it is very resistant to attack or damage. This means that it is very difficult for someone to hurt or defeat it.

  • The invulnerable shield protected the king from the attack.

  • The invulnerable armor protected the knight from the attack.

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Example Sentences for invulnerable

  • 1

    The devil is invulnerable to attack.

  • 2

    This facility is invulnerable to the fire.

  • 3

    He is invulnerable to forms of radiation.

  • 4

    Her body is invulnerable to the fire.

  • 5

    Inside it, the car driver is completely invulnerable.

  • 6

    For the duration of bomb activation, the player is invulnerable.

  • 7

    They are trapped at the same age forever and are invulnerable.

  • 8

    Is the person invulnerable to a Dementor's kiss because of their horcruxes

  • 9

    The Japanese had been told they were invulnerable.

  • 10

    During this time, the member is almost invulnerable to enemy attacks.