involuntarily means without your permission or against your will. When you involuntarily laugh or cry, you are not doing it on purpose.

  • She was involuntarily crying when she saw the clown.

  • He was involuntarily laughing when he saw the clown.

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Example Sentences for involuntarily

  • 1

    The response to the stimuli is involuntary.

  • 2

    Involuntary hospitalization was the only possible treatment.

  • 3

    The involuntary loss of citizenship is constitutionally prohibited.

  • 4

    HG causes constant nausea and the vomiting is involuntary.

  • 5

    A lot of the captives association with the Taliban was completely involuntary.

  • 6

    The smooth muscle is involuntary and is not controlled by the human brain.

  • 7

    I myself am terrified of the concept of involuntary commitment.

  • 8

    A neck spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscles in the neck region.

  • 9

    The function of involuntary memory in the novel, however, is not self evident.

  • 10

    The involuntary loss of citizenship exile is banned under the constitution.