An invader is someone who comes into a country or territory without permission. They are usually invaders who are trying to take over the country or territory.

  • The invader is trying to invade our country.

  • The invader is trying to invade our territory.

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Example Sentences for invader

  • 1

    An animal invaded your realm.

  • 2

    Legitimacy isn't in the eye of the invader.

  • 3

    Cut off the head of the invader.

  • 4

    Focus on identitying the invaders inside.

  • 5

    The Japanese invade another country.

  • 6

    The area was again the target of invaders.

  • 7

    The expeditionary force invaded Greece.

  • 8

    At first, with the assistance of the Zoroastrians, the invaders are repelled.

  • 9

    Not all of the antagonistic invaders are from Mars.

  • 10

    The act invades the reserved rights of the states.