To intersect is to come into contact with each other. When two lines intersect, they meet in the middle.

  • The intersection is where the two roads meet.

  • The intersection of the two planets is where they meet.

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Example Sentences for intersects

  • 1

    It is almost always crossed by a tendinous intersection near its insertion.

  • 2

    An internist and a psychiatrist meet at the intersection.

  • 3

    It is the intersection of the Sacred and Secular orders.

  • 4

    It's the intersections of the plane with the edges of the polyhedron.

  • 5

    In the 1970s, it was recreated at the side of the intersection.

  • 6

    Opposite the intersection is the Hudson River.

  • 7

    The dimension of the intersection satisfies the inequality.

  • 8

    The following roads intersect with the parkway.

  • 9

    The intersection is the result of the process of internationalization.

  • 10

    The revelation of eternity and time is of an intersection.