When two things are interlinked, they are connected in a way that affects each other. One example of this is the relationship between the economy and the government.

  • The interlinking of the two economies has led to a lot of problems.

  • The interlinking of the two languages has made it easier for people to communicate.

Definition of interlinking


linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing


interlacing, interlocking, interwoven

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Example Sentences for interlinking

  • 1

    The feet tread the center gate and interlink with the enemy's path.

  • 2

    Quality and Quantity are not interlink.

  • 3

    I was trying to interlink with italian.

  • 4

    Never knew of that interlinking requirement.

  • 5

    A lot of interlinking needs to be done.

  • 6

    The meagre contents are adequately interlinked.

  • 7

    There is sufficient interlinking between the articles.

  • 8

    There's already an interlink at the Mainlander's article.

  • 9

    These do not necessarily overlap or interlink.

  • 10

    The two articles already interlink.