intercepting something is intercepting its path. When you intercept a ball, you stop it from going any further.

  • The defender intercepted the ball and scored the goal.

  • The team intercepted the ball and ran it back down the field.

Definition of intercepting


To stop, deflect or divert (something in progress or motion).


To gain possession of (the ball) in a ball game


To take or comprehend between.

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Example Sentences for intercepting

  • 1

    The boat was intercepted.

  • 2

    The mission was not required to intercept the target.

  • 3

    Humans are the first to intercept and investigate the planet.

  • 4

    Don't intercept the conversation during meetings.

  • 5

    The next operation, to intercept the object, was abortive.

  • 6

    Interceptive orthodontics has an important role in this situation.

  • 7

    The player succeeded in intercepting the ball from the opponent.

  • 8

    The point where the curves intersect is the intercept point.

  • 9

    A criminal case has been instigated over the interception.

  • 10

    The intercept of the line with the y axis, is two times the contact resistance.