To interact is to have a conversation with someone. You might interact with your friends on social media, or you might interact with a customer on the phone.

  • She only interacts with her friends on social media, and she never interacts with strangers.

  • He always interacts with his customers on the phone, and he loves talking to them.

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Example Sentences for interacts

  • 1

    It's how we communicate and interact as a community.

  • 2

    They do not interact with or speak to each other.

  • 3

    You may talk and interact with your guests.

  • 4

    Is that the same as the interactive whiteboards

  • 5

    The website is interactive and stimulating.

  • 6

    I was active and interactive with students.

  • 7

    Parasitism is the interaction of these two properties.

  • 8

    He neglects the interaction with the water.

  • 9

    A highlight is the interaction of the divers with sharks.

  • 10

    The following two interactions are facilitative.