The word intends can be used in two different ways. The first is to mean that someone has a specific goal in mind when they do something. The second is to mean that someone has a general desire or goal, but they aren't sure what steps they need to take to reach it.

  • He intends to win the championship this year.

  • She intends to become a successful businesswoman.

Definition of intends


denote or connote


mean, signify, stand for


have in mind as a purpose


mean, think


design or destine


designate, destine, specify


mean or intend to express or convey



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Example Sentences for intends

  • 1

    Neither plan really materialized the way the composer intended.

  • 2

    The radiation is intended for the pituitary.

  • 3

    The results were not intended.

  • 4

    Are predestination and foreordination intended to be synonyms

  • 5

    It is intended to be insensitive to the density of the fluid.

  • 6

    It is intended to reduce the nuisance of limescale.

  • 7

    Obviously they intended to sunder the paper.

  • 8

    She intended to speak gibberish.

  • 9

    The movie was intended to be displayed with a Kinetoscope.

  • 10

    They are intended to exemplify the culture of the nation.