To insulate something is to cover it with a material or substance that will prevent it from getting cold or wet. insulation can be used to protect things from the cold, the heat, or both.

  • The house was insulated with foam insulation, which protected it from the cold.

  • The insulation in the walls prevented the house from getting too hot.

Definition of insulate


place or set apart




protect from heat, cold, or noise by surrounding with insulating material

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Example Sentences for insulate

  • 1

    The wooden handles insulate the hand from the heat conducting metal.

  • 2

    Sawdust was used in the icehouse as an insulator.

  • 3

    Cleanliness of the insulation remains imperative.

  • 4

    The formation of a supercontinent insulates the mantle.

  • 5

    THe insulation and the steel will melt very quickly.

  • 6

    Extreme ideologies exist in insulated vacuums.

  • 7

    A first screen envelopes the insulation of the conductor.

  • 8

    The first is the question of insulating a floor slab.

  • 9

    The insulation is continuous throughout the wall section.

  • 10

    The iron was varnished to insulate it from the windings.