To instigate something is to start the activity or the conflict. When the police instigated the fight, they were the ones who started the fight.

  • He was instigated by his friends to start the fight.

  • She was instigated by her best friend to start the fight.

Definition of instigated


To incite; to bring about by urging or encouraging


To goad or urge (a person) forward, especially to wicked actions; to provoke


animate, encourage, impel, incite, provoke, spur, stimulate, tempt, urge

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Example Sentences for instigated

  • 1

    It was done at president's instigation.

  • 2

    I was the victim and not the instigator.

  • 3

    He is the one that is the instigator.

  • 4

    This change was at the instigation of the brothers.

  • 5

    Allen was ruled the instigator of the riot.

  • 6

    That was your official instigation in the cabal.

  • 7

    He is usually the instigator of the group.

  • 8

    Hugo is usually the instigator of the group.

  • 9

    Did he instigate in the service of it

  • 10

    Field was the instigator in 2001 of the reunion.