The adjective inquisitive means that you are interested in learning more about something. You might be inquisitive about a new subject, or you might be inquisitive about someone.

  • He was very inquisitive about the new city that had just been built.

  • She is very inquisitive about everything, which is why she is so nosy.

Definition of inquisitive


showing curiosity


questioning, speculative, wondering


inquiring or appearing to inquire

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Example Sentences for inquisitive

  • 1

    The matter was referred to the inquisition.

  • 2

    In the case of Galileo, it was also the inquisition.

  • 3

    He is nine and highly inquisitive.

  • 4

    The section on the Inquisition is too apologist.

  • 5

    He is often described as inquisitive and bombastic.

  • 6

    He was ever ready to serve the inquisitive.

  • 7

    He was the last victim of the Spanish inquisition.

  • 8

    Christian converts were the focus of the inquisition.

  • 9

    The main object of the Inquisition was the eradication of heresy.

  • 10

    Was the hierarchy openly supportive or critical of the inquisition