To innervate is to supply (or cause) life to (something). When a plant is innervated, the roots are supplied with water and nutrients.

  • The plant was innervated with water and fertilizer.

  • The plant was innervated with a light, which will help it grow.

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Example Sentences for innervate

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    It is innervated by the pharyngeal plexus.

  • 2

    It is true that muscles of mastication are innervated by trigeminal.

  • 3

    Both nerves contribute to the innervations of the midpalmar group.

  • 4

    It innervates most of the flexor muscles in the forearm and hand.

  • 5

    The facial nerve innervates the muscles of facial expression.

  • 6

    The thalamus then innervates the cortical division of the limbic forebrain.

  • 7

    It innervates the scalp in the lateral area of the head behind the ear.

  • 8

    Innervation and vascularization.

  • 9

    Innervation and vascular supply.

  • 10

    Structure and innervation of the cochlea.