An inkblot is a figure that appears in ink when it's wet. It's often used to illustrate the idea of randomness or chaos.

  • The inkblot turned out to be a complex and beautiful piece of art.

  • The inkblot was just a mess, and it was hard to make out any details.

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    It's not a Rorschach inkblot, but it's an inkblot.

  • 2

    If it's no inkblot or an inkblot, an outline of n inkblot is a compromise.

  • 3

    It is the 'Rorschach' inkblot test, not just the 'inkblot' test.

  • 4

    We have pictures of the inkblots in the article about the inkblot test.

  • 5

    Is it just the idea of the inkblot

  • 6

    Nobody will be offended by an inkblot.

  • 7

    It deals with the image of an inkblot of the Rorschach.

  • 8

    The article is not entirely about an inkblot.

  • 9

    The inkblots 'are' the visual portion of the test.

  • 10

    Depicted is a popular representation of a Rorschach inkblot.