When something is inhospitable, it is not welcoming or friendly. The climate is inhospitable when it is cold and wet, and the environment is inhospitable when it is full of bugs and bacteria.

  • The city was very inhospitable.

  • The hotel was very inhospitable, with a bad odor.

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Example Sentences for inhospitable

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    The city was in hostile territory and was surrounded by inhospitable tribes.

  • 2

    The area is extremely inhospitable.

  • 3

    The flatlands are arid and inhospitable.

  • 4

    The climate in this region is very inhospitable.

  • 5

    The north ridge is an inhospitable place.

  • 6

    In short, the area was more than inhospitable.

  • 7

    The inhospitable coastline prevented an invasion from the sea.

  • 8

    Disease became rife in the inhospitable climate, decimating the expedition.

  • 9

    During the renovations, much of the school was inhospitable and sealed off.

  • 10

    For the most part the terrain is some of the most inhospitable in America.