To be infuriated is to be very angry. When he was infuriated, he was boiling with anger.

  • When she saw the dress on the rack, she became infuriated and started to cry.

  • The politician became infuriated when he was shouted at.

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Example Sentences for infuriated

  • 1

    The people are infuriated by the riddle.

  • 2

    This story will infuriate you.

  • 3

    That will infuriate supporters of gun control.

  • 4

    The move infuriated the whole group.

  • 5

    She is often infuriated by his meekness.

  • 6

    That goal only seemed to infuriate the Jackals.

  • 7

    His brusque refusal infuriated the farmers.

  • 8

    Chuck is infuriated, and it is the beginning of the end for their marriage.

  • 9

    This infuriated the citizens and led to the Whiskey Rebellion.

  • 10

    The destruction of the Seneca land infuriated the Iroquois Confederation.