The word inexhaustible means that there is a lot of something left. The word can be used to describe a resource, a person, or a situation.

  • The oilfield is inexhaustible because there is a lot of oil still left.

  • The market is inexhaustible because there are always new buyers and sellers.

  • The supply of the product is inexhaustible because it is never going to run out.

Definition of inexhaustible


that cannot be entirely consumed or used up




incapable of being entirely consumed or used up

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Example Sentences for inexhaustible

  • 1

    In human terms, the sun is inexhaustible.

  • 2

    However, he seemed inexhaustible.

  • 3

    If the mind is sensitive, its transformations are inexhaustible.

  • 4

    You are the inexhaustible protector of everlasting piety.

  • 5

    He represents nearly an inexhaustible source of energy.

  • 6

    Are you going to try to exhaust the inexhaustible and pursue the boundless

  • 7

    It was also described as having productive land and inexhaustible water.

  • 8

    However, there seemed to be an inexhaustible supply sailing across the Atlantic.

  • 9

    The energy source is therefore not inexhaustible, although it's alright for a while.

  • 10

    Sea resources are inexhaustible in supply and always available for sea birds.