When someone is indignant, they are very angry and upset. They may be shouting or they may be crying.

  • When the student found out, she was indignant and refused to listen to him.

  • The workers are indignant because they are not being paid the correct amount.

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Example Sentences for indignant

  • 1

    Outraged, the Princess goes to see the Queen, who is equally indignant.

  • 2

    As a result, the Babylonians are indignant.

  • 3

    He will pay for this indignity.

  • 4

    I apologize for the indignation.

  • 5

    Can you imagine the indignation

  • 6

    That indignity is usually reserved for the university.

  • 7

    He was most indignant at the suggestion.

  • 8

    An indignant man immediately joined the army.

  • 9

    Ferdinando rejected the proposition with scorn and indignation.

  • 10

    The passage of this measure was met with public indignation.